Friday, February 19, 2010

Pup Cakes and Celebrations All Around

Hello Puppers-Princee here! This past weekend Momma decided to celebrate the arrival of me on this very same weekend in 2002. We also did a late celebration of Bailey's Mango Minster bad dog win. Pictured here is my very own yummerlicious pupcake....
Our human girlfriend Haley even came to help make our pupcakes.

I did my best to clean the bowl.......

MMMMMM! All for us!

Here we are waiting patiently for our taste test.

These apple carrot pupcakes are just waiting to cool.

Mom decorated them with yummy puppy safe frosting and festive little brightly colored bones.

Momma those smell so wonderful I just had to rest my nose on the table so I could really take in the scent .....

Princee gets the very first treat- You know age and beauty first!

Nom, Nom, Nom............

Treats for everyone!

Last but not least, Bailey and I tried to talk Momma into letting us play pin the tail on Ruger, but Momma was afraid we might hurt him, so instead we leave you with a picture of his handsome rump!

Have a wonderful day every pup and be sure to tell your momma's you would also like your very own yummer pup cakes to snack on!