Thursday, February 26, 2009

Just Hanging Out at Home

Ruger here and I thought I would post this very cool pic of me and my Dad hanging out together. Mom snapped it the other night when I was having some one on one time and thought it gives all the pups out there an idea of how big I really am. Dad is a fair size human man about 5'8'' tall. Here I am practicing being a lap dog. Mom is still trying to get the hang of designing our blog and trying to get portraits of us to place with our personal info. So far Both Prince and I have a pic, but our brother from another mother- Bailey moves so much and is so busy that all Mom is able to get are blurry photos of him passing by, but she says she will keep trying. As soon as the weather gets better, we are hoping to have some outings to all of the Lincoln sites here in Springfield, Illinois and tell of our adventures and show pics of our fine looking selves visiting them. Let's hope Mom gets this blogging thing under control soon because we love to hear about other pups and their exciting adventures!
Ruger on the run.......

Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Blog Experience

Our Mom/ Secretary is working to get us started bloggging. Please check back soon to see our newly constructed work of art and to learn all about us growing up labbie in the Land of Lincoln!