Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Bye Winter!!! Hello Spring!!!

Hello again, it's me Prince showing off my winter weather look. I love the snow and chasing snowballs. I get a little confused when my hoomans throw the ball and it disappears in a puff of snow. I am always happy to be outside as you can tell by my picture. Well my other brothers from a different mother want to get their 2 cents in. Since I am the boss, I will give them a little blog time to tell their story.

Hello everypup, it is I the most handsome Bailey. As you can tell, I really enjoy the cold weather because I am part Husky. I run and play and never get cold. I am even winning the race against my bigger brother Ruger in this picture. Finally some evidence.

Rugamoose here, don't listen to my smaller, slower brother Bailey. What he failed to mention was that he did not run all the way to the fence, but turned around half way there. As you can tell in Exibit B, I run so fast that I fly. There is no way that Bailey can run that fast.

Winter put up a good fight, but eventually lost the war. Congratulations on holding out as long as you did winter. We had some fun during the snow, but it is now time for you to go. Spring is almost here, we want long walkees in the park and some fun in the sun with the schwimm pool.
We are ready for a pool party, bring on the sun.

We are patiently waiting for the weather to warm up so we can go camping and fishing. Bring on the warm weather and new adventures.

So long everypup, looking forward to warmer weather!