Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Part 3

Hello Everypup! It's me Prince and Momma finally got a chance to be my secretary so I could tell you ten things about myself. So here it is:
1. I was adopted on Valentines Day many years ago as a present for my Daddy and as a friend and partner in crime to our dear boy Romeo who passed over the rainbow bridge last year.
2. Mom says she should have named me tigger because when I was young I would jump up and pull all four feet off the ground. I reminded her of a spring and I looked like I should be saying boing, instead of woof!
3. I am the oldest of our group and the most refined. I am a Prince you know! I am commonly referred to as a Momma's boy by the other puppies, but that is just because they are jealous of my close relationship with my momma.
4. Don't tell my brothers, but when no one is paying attention I often run off to nap with the kitties and they love me for it. I am not afraid of them at all and they think I am so gentle that sometimes they even let me sniff them! I have learned through years of experience they are very nice sistas if you don't attempt to taste them.
5. I take my stuffies to bed with me at night and keep careful watch, so no one steals my beloved toys.
6. I absolutely love our scwim poo in the backyard. I love to bask in the sun in the water! One day last summer, crazy Momma even thought I drowned. She looked out in the backyard to check on me when she thought she saw me laying down completely submerged. To her horror she ran out to save me and saw that I left the tip of my snooter out so I could breathe. I jumped out of the scwim poo to greet her and she was overjoyed to find everything was okay- I was just practicing snorkeling! Silly Momma!
7. I grunt when anyone rubs on me. I sound like Tim Taylor on Tool time, especially when I get my belly rubbed or my butt scratchies.
8. I really like to camp and have gone on many camping expeditions into the deep woods with my pawrents!
9. I have a slight heart condition, so when I play at the lake Mommy makes me wear a life jacket, so I don't get to worn out and sink. She hates it when the guys fishing at the lake say, "Hey lady, Ya know dogs can swim?" and then laugh at her. I like my life jacket because I can just lay in the water and float and it has handles so Dad can help pull me onto shore or onto our boat.
10. If you are not giving me enough attention, I will attempt to stick my nose on you and under your hand until you take appropriate action. For gosh sakes, pet a pup will you!That's about all I have to tell you all and we had a very exciting adventure recently that Momma will be updating you all about soon.
Hopefully, things will settle down for our secretary and she will get in the habit of letting us visit all the pups again soon! Princee poo

Monday, April 20, 2009

Honest Scrap part 2

Hi it's me the bad bad Bailey and I'm second to tell 10 secret things abut myself.

1. I am the bestest at guarding my humans. They pawsitively need the protection.

2. I don't like to fetch balls or toys, but I am the best at fetching the fetcher. I am great at catching Rugamooses tail.

3. I am the boss so I have to keep everyone in line even my humans.

4. I make sure kitties are all ok everyday so I can taste test them.

5. I have very severe allergies. I am allergic to soap and many medications.
6. I like to drag my toys out and watch them, because I am a toy watcher not a people watcher.

7. Squeakies are the best but only if someone else squeaks them.

8. Some of my favorite things I enjoy are fireside stories when im camping.

9. I am the keeper of foods for my humans when the raccoons attack our campsite.

10. I love to run in the fields at grandpaws house, because he has lots of room to run and play. I also appreciate chasing the bugs too.

This is me Bailey signing out so I will let Prince tell you 10 things you probably didn't know about him tomorrow. He's much older and shy, so maybe he will have some important wisdom to impart.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Honest Scrap! Part One

Our friends Mango and Dexter, recently gifted us with this Honest Scrap Award where you have to tell ten things about yourself and then gift it to friends. Momma tells all of our secrets, but we will try to come up with something juicy that you don't know about us. This could be tough!

First up is Ruger who would like to tell you about his handsome self.

1. I was adopted from Cedar Bend Humane Society in Iowa. Mommy and Daddy drove five whole hours to get me and it was love at first sight.

2. I am faster at fetch than my brothers Prince and Bailey and I am also a ball hog, but since I can swallow Tennis balls Mom has to find extra giant sized tennis balls for me and unfortunately they only come in one manly color at our pet store- pink. Please don't tell anyone I fetch with pink oversized Tennis balls. I am so embarrassed!

3. I am a people watcher from the window. I love to watch people just being peoples!

4. I am an avid television fan and like to watch often. My favorites are the dog shows on Animal Planet and Sponge Bob Square Pants.

5. When I came to live in my furever home Mommy tried to teach me stay by signaling like the school crossing guard when he says stop, but I kept running up to her and smacking her with my paw. Finally, she realized that someone had taught me how to high five and had to come up with a new visual signal for me. Pretty cool I was able to teach Mommy a new trick!

6. I have a large smooshy face with lots of extra skin and sometimes my lip gets caught up on one side of my mouth and makes Momma laugh and call me snaggle tooth.

7. Momma says we have a scwim poo (swim pool) just for puppies, but I have never yet had the pleasure of trying it out since I came in fall of last year at it was too cold to go for a scwim.

8. I have to be given a pillow to lay on or nothing at all because for some reason if the pawrents give me a fuzzy blanket, I stalk it, run at it, roll it in a ball and try to get it on. Hump blankies are no longer allowed at my house since I could wear myself out and become a humpmeister!

9. I suffer from helicoptor tail. You all have seen dogs with this kind of tail action. When I get really excited my tail spins wildly in circles just like a helicoptor, but Mom says it acts like a tornado!

10. I am the bane of all stuffies. I can destroy a stuffie in 5 seconds or less. I cannot be left alone with stuffies for even a second or they come out my other end days later!

Well, I think that's about it for me so tomoorow I will let Bailey tell you 10 things you probably didn't know about him. He's very 007, so maybe he will have some exciting things to tell.
Have a great day Puppers!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too much excitement followed by an incredibly boring day!

The labbies are not up to much today. The sky is leaking here and Momma says we all need some outside playtime because we're driving her crazy! Last night, Mommy and Daddy had an exciting night that ended with the police knocking on the door at 2:30 in the morning! The nice police officer asked Mommy if she let someone borrow her scooter! Scooter, what, huh? She was so out of it and half asleep she couldn't even grasp what they were saying to her until she looked out and saw that it was gone. GONE! We thought the mommy was having a heart attack. You would have to understand Momma's odd relationship with the scooter. She refers to it as the blue bad boy followed by motorcycle sounds when she is discussing it with someone. Mommy and Daddy bought it about a year ago in the middle of last summer due to the outrageous gas prices and Momma loves to ride it. She only got to put 225 miles on it last summer before she had to put it up for winter! Just this weekend, Dad and Mom decided to get it out for spring. It had only been out for three whole days when someone decided to steal it! Can you believe they would have the audacity to try and kidnap the Blue Bad Boy.( We probably shouldn't let them know she would have paid a hefty ransom to get it back.) Anyways, after Momma verified that she most certainly did not let anyone borrow the BBB, the nice officer at our door told her that he needed her to come identify it as they had recovered it in the back of someone's truck when they pulled them over! Momma was on it in a jiffy, she had to go rescue BBB! Daddy and Mommy quickly got dressed and ran to the rescue. When they got to where the BBB
was Momma almost had another heart attack, not only had they stolen him, but they maimed him in the process. Apparently, the degenerates thought it was necessary to torture BBB! How dare they! Apparently, two individuals (we'll call them individuals because Momma has proper names for them she says) thought it was a good idea to quickly hoist BBB sideways into the back of the truck and drive off. BBB weighs a ton and to top it all off Momma always locks the front wheel in place to avoid it being easy to steal. Because they couldn't maneuver it very easy they just threw it in sideways and now BBB has war wounds. They broke his mirror and scratched him. Momma is just mad, but very grateful he has been recovered thanks to our local police department. Momma leaves you all with a pic of a BBB look alike......

On to less exciting news, The labbies have been stuck inside today due to the leaking sky and Momma has been trying to entertain since she got home from work, but these pups need some out side time! We tried pig ears for awhile.....

We even helped Dad with the cleaning and dusting even though he was sitting down on the job...

We took a leisurely nap on the humans bed......

We even practiced being brown labbies in the bad lighting....

Well that's about it for our day of driving Mommy crazy. We got to rough housing and she sent us down stairs so we wouldn't break anything. She says we are like bulls in a china shop! Have a great day every puppers!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Bailey's Bio finally gets a photo

Hi Everypup! Okay it's not my best look but Mom was very proud of her effort after snapping a gazillion blurry Bailey pics. You can even tell I have pretty blue eyes in this photo! Mom says I'm quite the hammy, but unfortunately for her I am in perpetual motion so she gets either blurry like this........

Some of you with black dogs may also be familiar with pics that have a sort of possessed look like this......... Hey, hello is there anypup in there!?

or my favorite is the demon dog look. This happens even when the red eye reduction is used because I have very light blue eyes against a very dark background of furries .....

I'm still handsome even with the demon dog look, if I do say so myself. Anyways Mom has added my new photo to my bio section, so now I've officially arrived in blogland....Yippee! Feel free to write us and tell us any photo tips that might help our issues, especially some of you blue eyed Siberian friends out there. I am so happy about my addition I leave you with one more handsome photo of moi........

Have a great day every puppers!

Ruff at ya later!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Tough Time Behind Us and All Better Now

(Warning: Some of the descriptions may be a tad graphic)
Recently we posted that most of us here have been sick recently. Mom and Dad are okay and can tolerate being sick, knowing that it will pass; however, it is the worse thing when your puppy is sick. At least as a human you can vocalize your needs and wants to someone, but a dog just goes through lots of guessing games when they are sick. Who wants someone guessing what is wrong and what they should do for you when you are sick? Mom and Dad feel especially bad when Ruger recently got sick because he was just not able to tell us things for the most part and he just laid around looking very sad and green or running for the door with a case of what our friends Mango and Dexter would call Dye your ears. I wonder if that is like Dye your eggs this time of year? ;-) Anyways, Ruger has pulled through okay and appears much better than he was just a few days ago, but Mom thought she would share some of her not so hot moments of being a Labbie Momma. Now we can all laugh with this experience gladly behind us.

It all started Friday Night very late about 3:00 am. Ruger is kennel trained and usually goes out once in the middle of the night, but for the most part is a very good puppy at night after he has been put to bed as are all of our labbies. He will occasionally bark once if he needs to go out in the mean time though. About 3:00 in the morning my husband sent them all out to do their duty. They all came back in as normal and resumed to sleep until Ruger Roo started crying about 3:30 am in his kennel. Having never had him do this, I immediately ran to check on him. I let him out and he runs lickety split for the door. Crisis averted- he made it out the door and into the backyard. I just thought maybe he didn't finish his job completely while he was out there the first time, so I didn't think much of it. When he was done in the yard he came in and headed straight for the kennel. about 20 minutes later we repeat this whole pattern again. At this point, Ruger has never cried repeatedly, so I turn on the light to make sure he is really okay and he appears okay???? except for watery, droopy eyes and this very green look on his face. We continued going out every 20 minutes all night long and I layed down on the carpet next to his kennel and left his door open so he could get out if need be. He was so tired and the Dye your ears was finally subsiding around 7:30 in the morning or so I thought. At this point, Ruger was finally sleeping peacefully so I closed the kennel door so no one would bother him ( cat sistas think they want to pester him sometimes) and headed upstairs to take a shower. I woke my husband up and told him what was going on and to listen for Ruger while I took a shower.
Off to the shower I go. I would swear I was only in there like 10 minutes and hubby was on watch. In ten minutes, I think hell broke loose at our house. I come out of the shower to hear my husband trying to get Ruger out the back door and this awful smell. Poor Ruger......he had an explosion in his kennel and I think it must have happened while he was sleeping because hubby said he never whined or barked and was kind of out of it when hubby was ushering him out the door. Hubby was nice enough to clean his kennel and I went outside to observe the Roogster. Poor Ruger was poopie all over and smelled terrible, so I loaded him in the back of the SUV to go to the doggie car wash nearby. I also thought the fresh air blowing on him might help and it would give hubby some time to clean up the kennel. Bad idea because I have never seen a dog be so sick and now it was coming out both ends! Thank goodness the SUV can be hosed out easily and has a bedliner in the back. We continued to the doggie wash and as soon as he saw where we were at he perked right up and jumped in the tub. I felt bad bathing a sick puppy, but I couldn't let him back in the house in his current state and I was hoping a warm bath might make him feel better. Luckily it did and he looked much brighter afterwards. We cleaned out the back of the SUV, wiped it out, and home we went with Ruger hanging his head out the window catching some breeze. I thought the worse was over and since I worked for a Vet at one time, I called my trusty veterinarian to see if I needed to bring Ruger in or what I should do. Apparently, every dog in the greater Springfield area is suffering from the same thing and since he is a thirty mile drive away, he suggested I try some pepto and let him rest and to call back if things were not improving because we didn't want him to dehydrate. I know from working at the Vet office most things pass on their own given a little time and attention, but it is so different when your own puppy is sick. You just want help now! I took the advice and did what was recommended. Hubby had to go run some errands and I was so tired, I gladly offered to treat Ruger and let him lay on the bed close to me so I could hear if someting was wrong, besides he was squeaky clean. This is where Ruger starts putting on his antics and must have started feeling a little better. Just see for yourself.......

Ohhhhhhh, Rohhhhhh, Rohhhhhhh! I am so sick and my tummy hurts! Mommy please do someting, anything for me! Help a puppy will you!

Mom are you sleeping on duty!? What the dog are you doing.....I'm sick here for Dog's sake. What's a puppy to do when the nurse takes a nap? Look even my eyes look as green as I feel. Mom, Mom, Mommeeee!

After Ruger waking me up without reason several times, I decided to turn on the television. After doing this I discovered he truly was like a child. I am flipping nonchalantly through the channels to find something good to watch, when I pass Sponge Bob Squarepants. Everytime he hears Sponge Bob he perks up and sits at the end of the bed watching it. I thought he can't really be watching that, so I flipped the channel and he quits watching. I then put it back at Sponge Bob and he is back at the end of the bed watching contently. Crazy puppy! Dad then comes home and decides to keep Ruger company on the bed and watch a little television with his puppy. I don't think watching Spongebob was what hubby had in mind.

Dad, Dad, Ohhhhh Dad! What the Dog are you doing on your watch? You are supposed to be taking care of me. Are you napping, too? What the dog is no one paying attention to me- Remember me - the sick puppy?

What might that be? Do my eyes deceive me? Oh my dog, I am so hungry after being sick all night and this morning. Look at that on the T. V. will you......
It's a burger! No a burger guy... what is that delicious looking item on my T.V. Mom, Mom, Mommeee, I could feel better now if I could only have one of those..... Rut, Roh, now mom knows I'm no longer feeling sick so off the bed I go......
Ruger on the Run

Sunday, April 5, 2009

We are back online-Finally

Hello Everypup,

The labbies are finally back online and so excited. Our Dad was recently sick followed by our Momma suffering from the sickies and even Ruger came down with whatever the family illness was. Isn't that crazy? (Momma Note: I realize that viruses and illnesses are species specific, but somehow we all had baically the same thing. I saw this occassionally when I worked at a Vet clinic, kids in a family would get sick and eventually the dogs would have similar symptoms of illness, but this is the first time I have ever experienced this in my own home! Vets and others will tell you it's not possible to spread most illnesses between a human and a dog, but I'm not convinced.) Anyways we are so happy to have picked up some new online buddies. Tibby,Amber Mae and the four Muskateers were nice enough to write us and we will be adding them as friends very soon. We are so excited to have new friends! Mom has been lurking on everyones site while sick, but just hasn't had the energy to type, but hopefully she will be back to working on our blog and visiting with everyone by the end of this week. We have missed being able to post and hopefully things will return to normal very soon!