Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Land of Lincoln Labbies Live Up to Their Blog Name

Hello Every Puppers! Momma has recently been helping us live up to our bloggie name by taking us for adventures to the local Lincoln sites. As you may or may not have realized we are from Springfield, Illinois which is cosequently known as the Land of Lincoln and home to many Abraham Lincoln historical sites. So the Labies got together with our Mom and Dad and decided to take you for a virtual tour of our town. Every couple of days, we will be posting a little information along with pics of our visits to celebrate Lincoln's 200th birthday.We hope everyone enjoys our tour of the town along with our few tidbits of knowledge concerning Lincoln.

The Lincoln Home
First up on out virtual tour is the Lincoln Home which is a National Historic Site. This is the first and only home that Abraham Lincoln ever purchased. When it was purchased it was a 1 1/2 story house which was expanded to a full two stories to accomodate the eventual family of six.

(Dad, Prince, and Bailey pictured here in front of the historic Lincoln homestead.)

The house and the surrounding homes on the block appear much the same as they did in 1860's. The Lincoln family remained in this house for 17 years. When Lincoln won the Presedential election the family departed from this home in 1861 bound for Washington D.C. After Lincoln left for Washington, he never returned to Springfield while living; however, his body was returned here for burial.

(Mom and Bailey looking our best infront of the Lincoln home.)

(Momma on the steps with Prince at the Lincoln home)

Lastly this is our expose' pic with our Dad. Since we are puppies, we are not allowed inside but our Mom highly recommends visiting this site for a virtual tour of the inside of the home.
http://www.nps.gov/features/liho/home/home.htm. Make sure you take notice of how small the chairs and how short the beds were considering Lincoln's great height. Momma always thinks they all look more like children's furniture than normal adult furniture especially for a man of his stature! Hope you all enjoyed our tour and you stay tuned for our next tour. Have a pawsatively wonderful day!

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  1. We did enjoy it! What a great idea and thanks for sharing, we love history and miss living in a place with a lot of history. Maybe we will dig up some florida keys history for our blog!
    Moose + Dana

  2. Thanks for the house tour. Momma and Master love that stuff.


  3. Hey Lincoln Labbies! Where you been? Hope everything is ok! We tagged you in a game if you want to play we would love to hear from you! Check out todays post on our blog for the details!
    Moose + Dana