Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tip Toe Through the Tulips

Hello Every Pup! Just thought we would write and tell everyone out there that our Momma was an especially good Momma this past weekend and took two of us for a new photo op at the park.
Only two of us got to go this time because three of us are a bit much for Momma to handle. All three of us together are like almost 250lbs of doggies and that worries her if we were to chase the squirrels while she is holding on to our leashes. Anyways, we had an especially good time playing and Momma promised Ruger he would get to go for his photo op soon.... She thought we should post our best photos among the tulips in the park and she even used some of them on our new flashy header.

Bailey Dog looking his best!

Prince even joined in on the action and hammied it up for Momma......

Move over dingy little brother the Momma has something that smells good in her bag and its all mine!

We even played and Momma sprung for breakfast at the big M in the sky. We know we are not supposed to be eating people foodables but Momma said we were so good that a little spoiling wouldn't hurt us. This is a pic after breakfast because we ate so quickly Momma couldn't catch a pic of us in the act.....

Here is Bailey with his best googly eyed look after eating human foodables. See why Momma never feeds us any of the good stuff Bailey. You look plum crazy afterwards instead of trying to be normal like me, Princee poo.

Well we ate breakfast, took pics, went for a long walk and now I think we're ready to go for a ride again. We've smelled all of the action at this park so let's move on.....

Tired out and glad to be at home snoozing the rest of the day away. Momma has promised us a pool party adventure soon, but it keeps turning cold here so we are waiting as patiently as labbies can for warmer weather and our pool opening! Have a great day puppers!
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Pee Ess: Our buddy Mango celebrated his 4th barkday yesterday , so wander over to his site and don't forget to wish a belated barkday to this big handsome guy!


  1. What a fun day you had!! And foodies too!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

  2. Oh man, I have seen that wild googly eyed look. You labradogs sure like your foodables.

    250 pounds of dog, huh? Gosh, that is hardly more than the total Mango. However you labradogs make up for your size with bizarre pulling strength so I guess mom had her hands full with just the two of you.


    P.S. I am STILL celebrating! Yahoo!