Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Honest Scrap Part 3

Hello Everypup! It's me Prince and Momma finally got a chance to be my secretary so I could tell you ten things about myself. So here it is:
1. I was adopted on Valentines Day many years ago as a present for my Daddy and as a friend and partner in crime to our dear boy Romeo who passed over the rainbow bridge last year.
2. Mom says she should have named me tigger because when I was young I would jump up and pull all four feet off the ground. I reminded her of a spring and I looked like I should be saying boing, instead of woof!
3. I am the oldest of our group and the most refined. I am a Prince you know! I am commonly referred to as a Momma's boy by the other puppies, but that is just because they are jealous of my close relationship with my momma.
4. Don't tell my brothers, but when no one is paying attention I often run off to nap with the kitties and they love me for it. I am not afraid of them at all and they think I am so gentle that sometimes they even let me sniff them! I have learned through years of experience they are very nice sistas if you don't attempt to taste them.
5. I take my stuffies to bed with me at night and keep careful watch, so no one steals my beloved toys.
6. I absolutely love our scwim poo in the backyard. I love to bask in the sun in the water! One day last summer, crazy Momma even thought I drowned. She looked out in the backyard to check on me when she thought she saw me laying down completely submerged. To her horror she ran out to save me and saw that I left the tip of my snooter out so I could breathe. I jumped out of the scwim poo to greet her and she was overjoyed to find everything was okay- I was just practicing snorkeling! Silly Momma!
7. I grunt when anyone rubs on me. I sound like Tim Taylor on Tool time, especially when I get my belly rubbed or my butt scratchies.
8. I really like to camp and have gone on many camping expeditions into the deep woods with my pawrents!
9. I have a slight heart condition, so when I play at the lake Mommy makes me wear a life jacket, so I don't get to worn out and sink. She hates it when the guys fishing at the lake say, "Hey lady, Ya know dogs can swim?" and then laugh at her. I like my life jacket because I can just lay in the water and float and it has handles so Dad can help pull me onto shore or onto our boat.
10. If you are not giving me enough attention, I will attempt to stick my nose on you and under your hand until you take appropriate action. For gosh sakes, pet a pup will you!That's about all I have to tell you all and we had a very exciting adventure recently that Momma will be updating you all about soon.
Hopefully, things will settle down for our secretary and she will get in the habit of letting us visit all the pups again soon! Princee poo

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  1. Oooo, you are just like me, only more mature. I have super springs in my leggies too and momma says I can FLY!

    It has been great getting to know all of you better.